How It Works - Rates

Pulitzer Suite - Pulitzer Amsterdam

Hotels & Resorts

If you already know where you want to go, feel free to contact me with details and I would be happy to reserve everything for you and get you all those amenities you love.

Hotel Booking & Management: $75 per booking

Need some options? I can provide those too! If you don’t know which hotel you would like to book, I would love to use my resources and expertise to research hotels for you. I will then present you with the best options based on our Discover More call.

Hotel Research, Booking, & Management: $125 per booking

Booking on a Per Activity Basis

Already done your research and already know what you want to do? I can also book a specific activity, tour, or restaurant for you.

Per Activity Booking & Management: $50 per booking (when no research is involved)

Custom Itineraries

The custom itinerary covers researching, booking, and managing for all aspects of the trip: hotels, transfers, tours, guides, and access to your custom itinerary via AXUS app. It does not include air travel.*

Custom Itinerary: Starting from $350**

Custom Itinerary Late Booking Fee (within two weeks of travel): Starting from $500**

*Should clients wish to book air travel through Cara Sharratt Travel, they will be introduced to Brownell Air Desk, who provides this service. Brownell Air Desk charges its own rate for air reservation. Think of them as your very own air concierge.

**Rates are to be set after we have our Discover More call and understand the scope of the trip and the amount of research and work involved.